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Integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with NetSuite. In the current times that we are living in, the commerce industry has advanced in a way that there is a need for companies to adapt to the technological advancements. It is recommended that organizations integrate their way of service delivery in order to them to be effective and efficient. Due to such reasons, there are software companies that have innovated products in such a way that once the platforms are correctly integrated and deployed into the cloud, they will eventually ease all kinds of service delivery in a workplace as well as increase the return on investments. Integration of commerce cloud with other preferred Suites offers invaluable tools to organizations thereby enabling seamless and great customer experience. Integration helps organizations manage all customer data and at the same time improve their way of doing business. With integration of these two platforms, companies and businesses are going to realize presentable opportunities which can be utilized in other environments where the two cloud solutions meet. If a person is a retailer, use of Salesforce is a brilliant window in their data. Salesforce enables one to work around a system and pull any useful customer data that can be useful in creation of customer service optimization and open any sales chances. Salesforce has made it easy to offer flexible reporting solutions as it helps store information for a customer.
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On the other hand, Demandware is a front-end system that enables one’s online customers to interact frequently. Demandware offers a competitive advantage in any organization or business. Demandware has been termed as one of the best e-commerce platforms globally. In a Demandware storefront, there is massive customer data that can be analysed.
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Organizations and businesses that leverage these investments in an integrated manner have the chance to gain full visibility into the activities of their online customers. This is possible in a single centralized location of a Customer Relationship Management software. Data synchronization is also enabled with integration of services. Due to the fact that this is the main reason for integration, it ensures that the information an organization has is available in their systems and also the latest. Once a company integrates their platforms, they are able to view information such as offline and online customer purchases, their preferences plus other personal information product review histories as well as accumulated loyalty points. Integration of data is, therefore, must for companies if they want to stay ahead always as well and improve their customers’ experience. Organizations will be able to streamline their way of services. This way, they will be able to retain their customers.

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