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Best Sleeping Bags for Hiking There are numerous dimensions that one needs to consider when shopping for sleeping bags. Of primary considerations are the type of temperature the bag will be covering you and whether you will use a backpack to carry the bag in. This the article covers in detail these factors and also discusses other factors to consider when buying a sleeping bag. The Weight As a starting point to narrow down your selection, you need to decide whether or not you need to rule out sleeping bags that are too heavy to pack on a backpack. Sleeping bags weighing less than two pounds are available, but at a price. The lighter the bag is, the harder and more expensive it becomes to buy one that has a low temperature rating. If weight is not a factor as you will not be packing in a backpack, then your choices expand greatly. The Temperature you will use the Bag in A sleeping bag is intended to keep you warm, and that of camping is to have fun. It becomes difficult to have fun, and enjoyable time when freezing through the night. It is unwise to invest your money on any sleeping bag that will not keep you warm.
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Rectangular or Mummy Bag Rectangular bags are the ones that are availed or colder conditions and have lighter weights suitable for backpacking. They are a bit expensive and can also be difficult to fit into for larger people. Make sure that when you are considering a mummy bag, and you are larger, read the bag’s dimensions. Mummy bags come in varying lengths and widths. The Type of Fill Materials Used Down fill was the only way you could get the needed warmth to fight extreme temperatures. The disadvantage of this type of fill is that once it gets wet, its thermal insulation is almost no existent. Now there are synthetics where you get both water-resistance and heat protection. The synthetics are a bit expensive. Shell Material Basically, any good sleeping bag have shells made of rip-stop nylon or polyester. One an additional feature that is important is water-resistance. Sleeping Bag Dimensions A a good brand of sleeping bags is one that cuts both the men’s and women’s sleeping bags. It is noticeable that men and women are shaped differently, so these sleeping bags represent the differences. When it comes to length, ensure that you get a bag that fits you. The factors discussed above are necessary when you are considering buying a sleeping bag. Other factors that you can also consider when buying a sleeping bag include the zipper type, hood design, and bevvy sacks. This information offers you with a good start point when buying a sleeping bag whether online or at a local store.

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