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A Guide to Picking the Ideal Business IP Telephony System

In case you’re searching for the ideal IP telephony in Abu Dhabi in 2017, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Yet, not every “great” IP phone system is perfect for your office, making it necessary that you look into your particular communication needs, important features, as well as your budget prior to reaching a final decision.

Read on for tips that are helpful to consider prior to selecting your PBX phone system for business communications:

Number of Users
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Your final decision on the right office phone system will be determined by the number of employees accessing it. Each PBX phone model and system has a minimum and maximum number of users it supports. You could identify one system that comes with numerous plans within the allowed range of users, for example one to five users or up to 100 users. Extensive systems with capabilities for up to thousands of users are also available.
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Other than the basic calling, texting, and Voice over the Internet (VoIP) functions that come with each standard IP telephone system, there are other features that are important to business applications that depend on the model in question. It is these added capabilities that make sense to look at when looking for a good office telephone system.

For instance, a personalized auto attendant feature is important where you require the capacity to handle a high volume of incoming calls without exhausting your customer support or failing to satisfy your callers. Another important feature is call screening that lets your support staff respond to callers based on their identity. Other vital features include video and voice conferencing, music on hold, voicemail to email transcription, and call routing.

Ease of Implementation

In case you’re not willing to spend on long-term IT personnel as well training employees for the configuration, management, and maintenance of a complicated PBX system for your office phone, a hosted system that’s easy for your staff to learn makes more sense. You can assess the simplicity of any IP PBX system from different angles, for example, is it easy to set it up via an online portal to address your business communication needs? Is it possible to customize the system to suit the manner of your business communications, both internally as well as externally?


Any IP phone system accompanies acquisition, utilization, and maintenance costs, and so your budgetary considerations are vital. In case you’re having the equipment onsite, meaning that you’ll not only own but also maintain it, expect higher costs. On the contrary, you will not buy or maintain equipment that your IP PBX provider will host.

Certainly, IP telephony Abu Dhabi enterprises depend on today will bring efficiencies in your business communications.

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