Should You Consider Kybella Injections to Firm Your Neck Area?

Everyone has certain parts of their bodies that they aren’t impressed with. Some just live with it. Others do as much as they possibly can to make improvements. However, the neck area tends to be hard to target when it comes to diet and exercise. Instead, many people turn to medical procedures that can offer a real change. Should you consider Kybella injections to firm your neck area? Here are a couple of things that you’ll need to know.

The injections take place in the doctor’s office. This safe and sterile environment is the ideal place for patients to undergo the procedure. It doesn’t take long and the number of shots is different for each person, depending on the severity of the situation. Once the injections are complete, a patient is free to go back to his or her daily routine, without any downtime. Patients can expect the actual treatment to only take about fifteen minutes, making it something that can be done over a lunch break.While there may be some redness and possible a small amount of bruising, people around the patient seldom notice anything different.

After the initial injections, patients return to the doctor in one month to six week intervals to receive more injections. Each person is different, so some will continue the process for six months while others may be finished earlier. Results are often noticeable starting about one month after the first injection. The amount of time the results last will also vary from person to person, but most can expect to enjoy their new look for several years. It’s important to note that at this time, Kybella is only recommended for fat in the neck and chin area.

Kybella isn’t the only option for treating this area of the body. There are other procedures that can offer similar results. However, Kybella is ideal for patients that aren’t interested in neck lift surgery. Surgery tends to be much more invasive and comes with more complications. Most people will notice right away when someone has had plastic surgery. But with Kybella, the results are gradual and no one will ever know that something was actually done to improve this area of the body.

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