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The Fundamentals of Breast Augmentation

A lot of people of today are no longer strangers when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. In order for the breast size and shape of the woman to be enhanced, breast implants are being used in breast augmentation surgery. Some plastic surgery centers prefer to use silicone breast implants, on the other hand, there are also some that use saline breast implants. Breast augmentation is the surgery of choice for a lot of women because of many reasons. Some of these reasons include making their breasts symmetrical, correcting loss of breast volume after their pregnancy, and enhancing the contours of their body. The woman’s bust line is sure to increase from one to several cup sizes with breast augmentation surgery.

What things should you be well aware of during breast augmentation surgery?

Several cosmetic surgery centers make sure to perform breast augmentation surgery with the use of general anesthesia. The breast augmentation surgeon may choose to have the surgical incision done around the areola or along the crease on the underside part of the breast. The surgeon then works through the incision by making a pocket under the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue to make room for the breast implant.
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The average time for a breast augmentation procedure to be completed ranges from an hour to two hours. The surgical incision that was created will be closed off using stitches. To assist with healing, gauze, tape, and bandages may be applied as support.
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The things that you should expect after breast augmentation surgery

Right after your breast augmentation surgery, you should expect the staff and the surgeon to be monitoring your health status and progress. You may expect drainage tubes to be inserted for the next couple of days to facilitate in the removal of the excess fluid. A few days after your surgery, do expect to feel some soreness as well as feel tired. However, do take note that you should be mobile enough already during one to two days. After a few days, do expect to have your surgical dressing and gauze removed. Also keep in mind that this is usually where it is already okay to use a soft cup bra. If you still have sutures that cannot be dissolved on their own, then they will be removed between seven and ten days. It is normal during the first two weeks to be experiencing some burning sensation around your nipples. By the time your bruises fade after surgery, you should expect this sensation to subside as well. If the location of your breast implants is under your breast gland, then you should expect persistent swelling lasting for three to five weeks. If the location of the breast implants, on the other hand, is under your breast muscle, then expect some longer swelling time from three to five months.

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