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Helpful Treatments to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are some of the things that can easily harm the pets and your house. The existence of fleas and ticks clearly make living stressful. These matters make flea and tick solutions necessary in a household having pets moving around. These pests are typical in every neighborhood and what is extremely dangerous about these is that they carry tapeworms which can cause acquiring severe itching and allergy. There are actually different kinds of these pests and they create many dangerous problems to their hosts. Basically these pests feed on mammal blood this is the reason why the problem should be taken care of at the earliest. Your pets are incredibly vulnerable to them. With the intention to avoid dangerous events to happen, it is best to do prevention measures.

There is a high proportion of households that own pets whether dog or cat. Some of the problems caused by the pests are skin irritation, allergies, fever and even death that is why treatments to get rid of these are much sought for. Primarily, the pet owner should determine whether these pests have infested his or her pet or not. Once it is determined, one must decide the method to use in eradicating the pests. The products have different use which include repelling fleas, killing fleas and ticks, destroying eggs or larva and preventing multiplication.

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Medications available for sale come in two forms, natural or chemical products. The most common product that pet owners use are flea and tick shampoos and sprays. Aside from these, it has been observed that fleas can be dabbed with a cotton ball drenched with alcohol. By doing this, fleas most commonly slow down, making it uncomplicated to catch them. The fleas that are caught are drowned in a cup of water and then immediately dumped into the toilet and flushed immediately so they can’t escape to make sure that they can’t harm your pets again. Many people would put cooking oil instead of using plain water in this method.
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Another method that can be done is when the tick is identified, the pet owner can use a tick scoop or tweezers to gently pull the tick upward from the skin of the pet until the grip of the tick is released. One must be reminded to make sure to remove the whole tick without leaving any of its body parts on the pet. Putting liquid soap on the tick is also an effective method to help release it. There are situations when ticks don’t drown in water and so you will need to wrap them in a tissue and flush it in the toilet or drown it in alcohol. After the removal of the pest, the owner must utilize an antiseptic to wipe the pet’s bitten region.

After getting rid of the fleas and ticks from you pets, one must make sure to treat the house as well. There are agencies that provide services to help you with this concern. Lastly, to take care of the health of your pet, it is important to have every day inspection and set up a regular schedule to check out the veterinarian.

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