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Leave the Bio Hazard Cleanup to the Experts

When heartbreak strikes, a professional could be of great help. If your dwelling place became the scene of a crime, murder, suicide, death, or some accident, to clean up the mess isn’t something that you will have to do on your own, even if you would like to. If you have to stay in your house for even a few days after the tragedy has taken place, here are several things you must know first in order to stay safe in the presence of these bio hazards.

For starters, bio hazards such as body fluids, blood, human feces, animal feces, and decomposing matters are unsafe and clean up of any of these messes must be done exclusively by trained technicians. Depending on which state you live in, extracting and disposing of any materials considered as bio hazards may not be allowed without a special permit. The reason behind this is that to manage bio hazards, one must be fully knowledgeable about pathogens and decontamination altogether. Plus, they need to have certain equipment to get this job done.

As such, before entering any place of tragedy, regardless if it’s your home, try to first get in touch with the authorities to ascertain that you’re even allowed to get inside. Once you are allowed to come inside, you should wear protective full body clothing that is made with plastic and is disposable. You will also be asked to wear protective gloves and plastic covering over your shoes together with a headgear that functions as a respirator. In order for the professionals to finish cleaning as soon as possible, only enter the house if really necessary but spend as little time as possible.
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So What do professional bio hazard specialists will do exactly? With proper equipment and materials, these professionals handle and rid contaminated substances or materials away from your home. The use containers that are specially intended to handle blood or body fluids or other tainted materials. These could include your furniture and other things inside the house. Only they can check what can be removed or not. For the things that will stay in the house like the floor and walls of course, the specialist will use hospital-grade cleaning and deodorizing agents to rid your home of odors and stains. They will disinfect areas that are visibly clean. After their work is done, do not expect the strong odors to go away in a day or two. Nevertheless, blood stains or traces of body fluids will be removed from your home.
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